• Moulard Duck Breast Artisan
  • Duck Breast Grimaud Farms
  • Duck Breast Maple Leaf
  • Moulard Duck Legs Artisan
  • Duck legs Maple Leaf
  • Duck Legs Grimaud Farms
  • Duck Leg Confit Grimaud
  • Whole Duck Frozen Maple Leaf
  • Whole Duck Grimaud Farms
  • Whole Duck Artisan Fatted
  • Whole Duck Artisan Lean
  • Duck Fat 8lb Tub Artisan

Foie Gras
  • Foie Gras A Grade Artisan
  • Foie Gras B Grade Artisan
  • Hudson Valley (Grade A and Grade B)

Game Birds
  • Washington Grown Whole Squab 16oz
  • Washington Grown Poussin
  • Guinea Fowl Whole Grimaud Farms
  • Capons 7-8lbs
  • Whole Pheasant
  • Whole Goose 10-12lb
  • Partridge Whole
  • Pheasant Thigh Meat B/L
  • Pheasant Airline Breast 5-6oz
  • Texas Cross Quail Semi-Boneless 5oz
  • Quail eggs 10eggs
  • Cornish Game Hens 18oz
  • Cornish Game Hens 24oz
More Options

More options on all game birds available. Inquire about other birds and portioning.

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