September 12, 2011
Jim Brooke named to Seattle's '40 under 40'
Dear Friends,

As many of you know, Corfini Gourmet began back in 2003. The name “Corfini” comes from my mother’s side of the family and was part of her maiden name Schifani-Corfini. The Corfini family came from the small mountain top town of Corfino in the hills of Tuscany.

I am pleased to report that Corfini Gourmet, a Northwest based company with distribution locations in Seattle and Portland is continuing on its rapid growth path and now employs over 30 people between Washington and Oregon. We continue to specialize in sourcing and distributing local natural meats and game to restaurants, educational accounts, healthcare facilities and retail markets throughout both regions.

From a product standpoint, Corfini will continue to spend many of our resources working with local farmers to truly change the way people dine in the greater Seattle and Portland areas, not only within fine dining, but also at your favorite neighborhood restaurant or burger joint. A common misconception is that local and natural always means expensive. This is a stigma which is getting broken down as the general public is becoming more and more educated on the quality of food they eat, as well as from where it comes. The consumer has created a demand for grass fed beef, local and natural poultry, pork, lamb and game programs, and we are proud to say that we are keeping up with that demand.

As we wrap up 2010 and focus on entering 2011, we will be almost exclusively sourcing and distributing all natural and hand-crafted meats from local farmers. The products we sell and distribute were chosen for their quality, consistency, availability and overall uniqueness to the marketplace. These products are marketed and delivered with passion and great pride that form the basis of the Corfini core.

Corfini Gourmet and our network of partnered local and sustainable suppliers look forward to working with you. To all of our existing customers, thank you for your on-going loyalty and support, we all appreciate it very much.


Jim Brooke

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