Much of our Prime cuts (top 5-7% of all beef produced in the USA) and high Choice are aged in our specially designed aging room. The steaks age from 21-60 days or longer, and the rooms are filled with 5-6,000 steaks at a time, which is important for the promotion of good bacteria. The controlled atmosphere draws out moisture, thereby concentrating flavor. As the steaks age, the enzymes in the beef naturally tenderize the meat. The flavor of our aged steaks is unique and sought after by the greatest steak connoisseurs in the world.

Correctly produced Dry Aged Beef is uncommon. It is expensive to produce, where the moisture in meat evaporates and the flesh concentrates over a period of time under the right conditions.   Dry Aged beef loses up to 15% of its volume while drying and in addition to the dry aging process we must trim the beef’s crust which which might account for up to 50% loss of total original weight.  Dry aging concentrates and develops the ultimate flavor of beef when done correctly. Corfini works closely with chefs to understand their dry aging requirements. Whether it’s Mishima Wagyu beef, Niman Ranch Prime beef or Choice grade beef, we procure and handle your beef from beginning to end.  Some chefs prefer to wet age for 21 days, while other 30.  Some chefs prefer to dry age for 21, 28 days or as much as 100 days! We know how to do it and we do it well.  We wait until the beef is just right before removing the crusted outer layer and butchering it for you.